Pete Bennett

Personal Pages

I am a highly experienced consultant with a track record of effectively fusing sales and marketing expertise with in-depth technical skills and domain knowledged to present, sell and deliver sucessful high-value solutions to internal and external customers.

I have over six years of management experience, leading teams of highly intelligent, world class staff in the development of challenging projects.

During my recent career I have worked for Synomics, a start-up focusing on data and process integration for the pharmaceutical industry, as Principal Technical Architect; and, more recently, for Accelrys, a leading supplier of software to the pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries, as a Business Development Consultant.

In August 2003 I took a position as a Technical Director for Discovery Informatics Services at Tripos. Based out of the UK this position reported directly into the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and covered a territory of the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Israel. It focused on selling consultancy service based enterprise solutions such as Electronic Lab Notebooks and Electronic Decision Analysis tools to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Towards the end of 2004 I took the decision to take a career break and travel the Americas with my wife, something we have talked about doing since we met twelve years ago. We returned to the UK in late September 2005. 

It seems as if the recruitment market is getting a little more upbeat and I am always looking to hear about interesting CTO or Senior Director level positions, particularily with innovative start-up companies  - if you would like to know more, please drop me an email and I'll supply you with an up-to-date CV.

Outside of work I try to keep myself busy. My personal pages have items of more interest for the general reader on this front.

On the professional development front, I have completed two years of a three year MBA with the Open University, which has proved challenging and enjoyable. I have successfully passed B800 - Foundations of Senior Management, B820 - Strategy and my first elective, B825 - Marketing in a Complex World. I will take my final two electives and complete the qualification on my return to the UK at the end of the year.

Since my formal career roles have moved away from a hands-on focus whilst I maintain an active interest in development I have also decided to obtain my formal Java certification. In Summer 2004 I acheived Java 1.4 Programmer certification and am currently taking Java 1.4 Developer certification. I will follow this with Java Enterprise Architect certification

To complement my MBA and Sun Certified Java qualifications, I've also been taking the opportunity to keep up my general technical skills. For example, jBoss, Tomcat (JSPs), Taglibs and getting my head round Apache struts. 

I have recently rewritten my Pinball stats page (originally written using JSPs, the Jakarta taglibs and an Access database and hosted from my home PC) in PHP and mySQL so that it can be hosted by 101 Site Hosting.

I moved away from Low Cost Names for hosting in the middle of May when my "catch-all" email address started to get 4-500 spams a day and am now with 101 Site Hosting